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About FilmSoc

The University of Surrey Film Society was founded in 2017 by Surrey students Reuben HM, Zander Archer, Alex Watts and George Hudson-Chang.

Since then, we've held 84 different events including film screenings, midnight openings and social events like bar crawls. We hope you'll join us at our next event!


To inspire in others an appreciation of film not only as a mechanism for storytelling, but also as a way to connect with the characters on the screen—fictional or otherwise—over our shared emotions, aspirations and circumstances to discover an affinity to those who are different from us, to hold up a mirror to our own shortcomings, or to inspire us to achieve that which, at times, may seem just out of our reach.


Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson
Cary Serradas
Cary Serradas
Vice President
Juan Snyman
Juan Snyman
Nikash Gurung
Nikash Gurung
Social Secretary


When and where do you meet? We have screenings most Sunday and Tuesday evenings during term-time. Typically we start the film at around 7:30 PM, but we ask that you try to arrive 10 minutes prior to ensure that the film isn't interrupted by late arrivals. Our usual venue is 03 MS 01 (the big lecture theatre in the Rik Medlik building). Please be advised that the time and venue may differ on occasion, so you should always check the event details on our website or Facebook page.
Do I need to be a member to attend screenings? Yes, but membership is free. To become a member: ❶ go the Student's Union Get a Membership page, ❷ select "Film Soc" from the list on the left, ❸ click the ">" button and ❹ click "Pay". (The button is labeled "Pay" but you will not be charged.)
I am having trouble signing up as a member on the Students' Union website. Can you help me? Sure! Come 20 minutes early to one of our screenings and we'll help you get signed up. You'l need your university email address (in the format and password.
Do I have to be a University of Surrey student to come to a screening? As long as you are accompanied by a University of Surrey student, you are welcome to join us.
Is there a group chat for members?

Yes, we have a WhatsApp group chat which you are free to join at any time. We hope it will be a good way to connect with other FilmSoc members.

Is it okay if I use my phone or laptop during a screening? You are welcome to multitask, but we ask that you are seated in the back two rows if you are going to use a device with screen such a laptop, tablet or phone. This way, other viewers won't be distracted by the light from your screen. Also, please be considerate and make sure to put your devices on silent. No papers or books are permitted, however, as the rustling of paper can be distracting to others (you probably won't be able to read them anyway in the darkened lecture theatre 😉).
How do you decide which films to show? Our committee decides. Sometimes films are picked according to a specific theme, and sometimes they are picked in collaboration with another society. Other times we just pick films we think our members would like. If you have a suggestion on what films we could show, drop us a Facebook message. Keep in mind however that schedules are draw up long in advance, so we won't be able to show a specific movie on short notice. Also, there are licensing considerations that need to taken, so we may not legally be able to show your suggestion.
Who decides who can be on the committee? Committee members are elected by FilmSoc members. You can cast your vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place in March or April. The specific details will be posted on our Facebook page.
I am on the committee of another society. Would it be possible to collaborate with FilmSoc? We'd love to work with you on an event! Send us a Facebook message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
I have a hearing impairment. Do you show subtitles? Come talk to one of the committee members before the movie begins and we'll make sure subtitles are switched on, if available.
Is your venue accessible? We usually meet in 03 MS 01 in the Rik Medlik building. There is ramp access to this lecture theatre around the back of the building. However, this door is typically locked from the outside, so we ask that you send us a Facebook message in advance so that we can make sure to let you in. Accessibility information is available on the AccessAble website.